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We offer comprehensive Copper services in Fairfield CT. At George’s Seamless Gutters of Fairfield, we provide a wide range of Copper services, including the design, fabrication, and installation of Copper rain gutters, downspouts, oversized and oversized, large Copper gutter systems, Copper gutter guards, Copper chimney flashing, Copper roof accents, Copper standing seam metal roofing, as well as a full complement of custom crafted copper gutter accessories. Copper is a durable, versatile material that adds aesthetic appeal to any exterior and requires little maintenance or replacement. Contact us for all your Copper needs.

Copper is an excellent construction material well suited for many exterior applications, strong and sturdy; Copper is versatile and ideally suited for uses ranging from copper rain gutters to copper roofing. Of course, we have all seen Copper piping and even jewelry.

Copper Rain Gutters Copper Gutters Fairfield County CT

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    Exterior Copper Accents Fairfield CT

    Copper accents are a popular and practical home improvement project that can yield a high return on investment and bring personal enjoyment to homeowners.

    Our roofing team specializes in designing and installing custom copper elements such as copper rain gutters, copper roofing, copper accents, and copper flashing to add a timeless sophistication and enduring protection to your home against harsh weather conditions in Fairfield.

    Copper Rain Gutters Fairfield County

    Copper Rain Gutters track their history back to 27 BC when copper was used on the Pantheon in Rome. Today, Fairfield County homeowners who value durability and aesthetic appeal often choose copper rain gutters.

    Copper Rain gutters are sturdy, resistant to corrosion, naturally self-sealing, and thus incredibly long-lasting, requiring minimal maintenance if any. When outfitted with copper gutter guards, they are virtually perfect. The natural patina that forms on copper over time only adds to its attractiveness and resistance to corrosion.

    The installation process for copper rain gutters is similar to that of other metal gutters. However, copper gutters are not a job fit for even the most ambitious DIY’er.

    It’s important to note that all components of a copper gutter system must be made of copper. Mixing materials can lead to staining, corrosion, rust, or even a system failure.

    Copper Rain Gutters

    Copper Gutter Installation Fairfield CT

    Copper Gutter Guards Fairfield CT

    Copper gutter guards are screens or covers placed over the top of a copper gutter system to prevent debris, such as leaves and twigs, from clogging the system. Copper gutter guards are designed to allow water to flow into the gutter while preventing debris from entering.

    Several copper gutter guards are available, including mesh screens and solid covers. All of our copper gutter guards are 100% copper.

    Every kind of copper gutter guard has its own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the best option for your specific home and budget is essential.

    Copper mesh screens are one of the most popular types of gutter guards. They are made from a mesh material that allows water to flow into the gutter while preventing debris from entering. 

    Copper mesh screens are easy to install and cost-effective for homeowners who want to protect their gutter system from debris. 

    Copper Chimney Flashing Fairfield CT

    Copper chimney flashing works to waterproof the area where a chimney meets the roof. Copper is used frequently as it is durable and long-lasting, resistant to corrosion, and self-sealing. Copper can also be shaped and formed to fit the specific contours of a chimney and roof, ensuring a tight seal.

    Copper flashing is also used around skylights, and roof vents, as these areas are prone to water infiltration.

    Copper flashing is an essential component in the waterproofing of roofs and walls, offering protection against water damage and leaks.

    When installed correctly, copper flashing provides a long-lasting barrier that prevents water from penetrating into the structure of a building. My team are expert copper flashing installers and can help with repair and replacement work too. Have questions, never hesitate to call. Once flashing leaks start, they rarely, if ever, stop on their own.

    Fairfield Copper Rain Gutters

    Metal Roofing Fairfield CT

    Gutters for Slab Foundation Homes

    Copper Roofing Accents & Metal Roofing

    Copper roofing accents like metal roofing accents, are decorative elements added to a roof to enhance its aesthetic appeal. We partner with homeowners in Fairfield to design, fabricate and install copper roof cresting, roof vents, and Copper Chimney Caps and Copper dormers.

    • Roof Cresting: Roof cresting is a decorative element that sits at the ridge of a roof and adds visual interest to the roofline. Copper cresting comes in various designs, from simple to elaborate, adding elegance to the roof.
    • Copper Dormers: Dormers are roofed structures that project from a sloping roof. Adding a copper roof to a dormer accentuates its presence and adds visual interest to the roofline.Many metal roof accents are not copper. Some are aluminum; common areas where metal roof accents may be used include:
    • Porches
    • Porticos
    • Cupolas
    • Domers
    • Bay windows
    • Room additions

    Metal accents work best on roofs separate from the main roof or when used to connect two roofs.

    Copper Standing steam metal roof

    A copper standing seam metal roof is a roofing system made from copper sheets with hidden fasteners. Standing seam metal roofs are known for their durability and resistance to the elements, and copper is a metal that is naturally resistant to corrosion, making it a popular choice for standing seam metal roofs.

    In a standing seam metal roof, the seams between the metal panels are raised above the surface of the panels. This design helps to prevent water from penetrating the roof and protects the roofing system from damage. Copper standing seam metal roofs are typically installed by a professional roofing contractor, who will measure the dimensions of the roof and create a custom design for the roofing system. The copper sheets are then cut to size and formed into standing seams, which are then attached to the roof deck using special clips and fasteners.

    Copper Standing Steam Metal Roof

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