Flat Roofing Fairfield County CT

Flat Roofing Fairfield County CT

Flat Roofer Fairfield County CTAt George’s Seamless Gutters of Fairfield County, we are flat roof installation experts. Membrane flat roofs have been popular for commercial applications for decades, and now this durable roofing material is being used on residential homes in our area with fantastic results.

Membrane roofs have been a popular solution for low-slope and flat roofs for decades. Now we are seeing this material used on more residential applications with fantastic results.

Flat Roofing Repair

While flat roofs rarely need to be repaired when they do, rubber roofs design lends itself to relatively straightforward repairs when compared to materials like shingles or metal roofing. Most flat roofs repairs can be completed quickly using little more seam tape or seam overlays.

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We Provide Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

    We are EPDM flat roof installation experts. Membrane flat roofs have been popular for commercial applications for decades, and now this durable roofing material is being used on residential homes in our area with fantastic results.
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    Residential Flat Roofing

    For decades, membrane roofing has been a top pick for commercial buildings or any structure that has a low-slope roof, with a pitch is less than 2:12.

    These roofs have minimal incline, causing water to pool rather than run off. This poses a waterproofing challenge, ruling out many common roofing materials like asphalt shingles, which are unsuitable for low-slope roofs, per building codes.

    EPDM roofing, and similar flat roofing systems, serve as a solution in situations where roofs are low-slope or even flat.

    EPDM flat roofing Fairfield county

    What is EPDM?

    EPDM stands for Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer, and this roofing material option is an exceptionally durable synthetic rubber membrane used on flat roofs. EPDM is used extensively on low-slope buildings, here in Westchester, Fairfield and around the world. What sets EPDM apart is its remarkable durability, making it a preferred choice for a wide range of roofing applications.

    EPDM is both durable and waterproof making it ideal for these architectural challenges. Whether you need to protect the entire roof or specific low-slope sections, EPDM roofing ensures your commercial building remains safe from water intrusion.

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    Fairfield CT Flat Roofing

    Flat roofing is used on low-slope roofs and is commonly seen on homes and buildings with Modern Architecture, homes with a lower profile, and on home additions and extensions. Flat roofing has some definite advantages. Flat roofing is generally less expensive to construct and maintain than pitched roofs, , flat roofs are more accessible, making maintenance tasks, repairs, and inspections more straightforward compared to steeply pitched roofs.

    While Flat roofs are often called for in specific architectural and construction scenarios, they are also sometimes chosen for their unique advantages. Here are some situations in which a flat roof might be appropriate:

    • Commercial and Industrial Buildings: Flat roofs are commonly used in commercial and industrial structures due to their cost-effectiveness and the practicality of placing HVAC equipment, solar panels, and other utilities on the roof.
    • Urban Environments: In densely populated urban areas, flat roofs can maximize usable space by creating rooftop gardens, terraces, or outdoor recreational areas.
    • Solar Panel Installation: Flat roofs provide an ideal platform for the installation of solar panels, as they offer a level surface that can capture sunlight effectively.
    Frequently Asked Flat Roofing Questions
    What Causes Flat Roof to Leak?

    Flat roof leaks, like all roof leaks, can stem from any number of issues, so first, since all roofing leaks are unique, it is important to have a qualified roofer out to identify the root cause of your flat roofing leak.

    Roof leaks are common, and there is no need for panic; with flat roofs, most leaks originate from the areas where pipes or vents penetrate the roof’s surface. To remedy this, your roofer will likely apply additional flashings or caulking to seal these areas and prevent further leaks.

    Additionally, flat roofs are susceptible to cracking due to their direct exposure to the sun, even though they are covered with a layer of asphalt. The intense heat from the sun often dries out the asphalt, causing it to become brittle and susceptible to cracking, which, in turn, can result in leaks. Therefore, it is essential to address cracking issues promptly by applying a new roof coating to maintain the integrity of your flat roof.

    What Roof Pitch is Suitable for a Flat Roof?

    Fat roofs hit their optimal performance at a low pitch.

    Here is Westchester and Fairfield particularly on modern style homes we are seeing roofers improperly apply asphalt shingles in situations that are not suitable.
    As a rule of thumb, asphalt shingles should only be employed on roofs with a pitch greater than 3/12 (equivalent to 14 degrees).

    If your roof has a slope less than a 14-degree angle, opting for a flat roofing system instead is the most appropriate solution for your roof.

    However, it’s crucial to ensure that the areas requiring a flat roof coating are installed correctly, as improper installation can lead to drainage issues that may compromise your roof’s longevity and performance in the long run—that is why our gutter and water management experts are uniquely well-suited to flat roofing work. We understand how to manage water and keep it moving down and away from your home.

    How do Flat Roofs Drain?

    Flat roof drainage is managed through a slight slope, drainage points, scuppers, and sometimes gutters. Regular maintenance and professional advice are essential to ensure water flows away from the roof effectively and prevents ponding.

    How do you maintain a Flat Roof?

    To effectively maintain your flat roof here in Westchester or Fairfield County we suggest conducting biannual inspections, clearing debris and ensure drainage systems are unobstructed. Address any damage or drainage issues promptly, maintain gutters, trim overhanging branches, and monitor and recoat the roof as needed.

    Schedule regular professional inspections, keep comprehensive maintenance records, and promptly attend to any issues that arise, as proactive maintenance is always the best for the long-term performance of flat roofs.

    EPDM vs TPO Roofing?

    TPO, short for thermoplastic polyolefin, combines ethylene-propene and polypropylene. It’s a popular single-ply roofing choice, similar to EPDM, made from eco-friendly rubber and synthetics, creating a durable roof layer.

    TPO comes in different thicknesses, affecting its longevity, which is about 20+ years, while EPDM can last 50 or more. However, TPO is relatively new, so its long-term performance is uncertain.

    EPDM and TPO differ in several ways:

    • TPO seams are heat-fused; EPDM uses seam tape.
    • TPO reflects sunlight; EPDM absorbs heat.
    • EPDM comes in black or white; TPO offers more color options.
    • EPDM is mechanically fastened, TPO is chemically adhered.
    • TPO warranties are 10-20 years; EPDM is usually 25-30 years.
    How long does an EPDM roof last?

    A high-quality EPDM roof can endure for up to 50 years, barring severe weather damage. It should be noted that the roofs life span will be influenced by factors such as climate, attic ventilation, insulation, and the expertise of the flat roof installation team.

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