All Things Gutters

Posted on July 12, 2017
Gutters: when, what, why and how they work! When was the rain gutter invented? 1960 – 1965: Seamless aluminum gutter machines were invented. Changing the way gutters were produced. What is the purpose of a gutter? A rain gutter’s main purpose is to funnel water off the roof and away from the home. What is a gutter made out of? Because of the strength and lighter weight of aluminum as compared to steel, copper and
When is it Time To Replace Your Gutters? Most people don’t spend much time looking or thinking about their home’s gutters. How long has it been since you’ve had your gutters inspected? You do not need to be a gutter expert to inspect your home’s gutters, really it’s easy, especially when it rains. Next time it is coming down; throw on a rain coat and head outside. Look for trouble areas, they are easy to
Gutter Repair, Replacement and Gutter Cleaning, and Why Gutter Guards are the way to go! If you’re looking for gutter repair, gutter replacement or gutter cleaning in Westchester, look no further! George’s Seamless Gutters is the best gutter company around–or so our customers all say. Gutter repair and replacement can be a costly hassle, but we’ll work with you each step of the way to make sure that you find the right product for your
Westchester’s Seamless Gutter Company George’s Seamless Gutters is proud to be called Westchester’s Best Gutter Company. Why are we the best? It’s simple. We are 100% dedicated to premium customer service and the finest seamless gutter fabrication and installation the world over!. Our motto has always been to treat our customers like family, and we believe that being courteous and professional are the best qualities that a business can have. We do whatever we can

Parts of A Gutter System

Posted on May 18, 2017
December 2016 Parts of A Gutter System When it comes to gutters, it’s safe to say here at George’s Seamless Gutters, we know a thing or two. We also know most folks take the gutters on their home for granted. Until there is an issue and your gutters are not functioning. Here are a few facts about gutter systems to help you decide what kinds of gutters would be best for your home, or even

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  • “I hired George this past spring - after suffering with damage caused by our previous winters ice dams. He came right out after I called him, assessed my gutter damage and helped me select a gutter system right for my home. I recommend him to all my family and friends! Great job! Thanks George!”

    Bailey W.,Fairfield CT
  • “Quite possibly the best service I've ever received from a home improvement company...called them at noon, described the problem (small terrace with pooling water from roof runoff), and by 3pm, they had come out, diagnosed the problem, and installed the gutter. Fantastic service!”

    John D.,Scarsdale, NY

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