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Gutter Company New Canaan Connecticut

We are making every effort to become the #1 Gutter Company serving New Canaan Connecticut! We offer New Canaan homeowners a wide range of gutter services from gutter repair to installation. Our gutters are available in many materials from copper gutters to highly affordable aluminum gutters with some unique gutter offerings in-between. All of our gutters can be fitted with gutter guards and matching downspouts.

My gutter services include gutter repair, curved radius gutterscolor gutters, specialty gutters, copper gutters, oversized guttersdownspouts, gutter guards gutter screens and more!

Gutter Company New Canaan Connecticut

My company offers a complete complement of gutter styles to choose from in every material we offer in both round and half-round styles as well as K-style and oversized gutter systems.

Larger homes and commercial buildings need bigger gutters to safely bring water from the roof to the ground. When dealing with large volumes of water, property owners should consider oversized gutters and downspouts. There are many factors that determine if your home requires oversized gutters, or oversized gutter elements and my team will be able to make that assessment during your estimate. The largest factor is your roof size (area) and pitch.

  • K-Style gutters

    K-style gutters have flat backs and bottoms, the front side of the gutter normally has a decorative shape, such as a curve or ogee, that looks a bit like crown molding. Note: many styles are available.

  • Half-round gutters

    Half-round gutters are exactly that: half-round tubes made of any given gutter material. Half-round gutters often are found on older, historic homes.

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  • Gutter Company Darian Connecticut

  • Gutter Materials

    Residential gutters are made from various metals, including:

  • Gutter Leaders

    A gutter leader (more commonly known as a downspout) – is the part of the gutter system that brings the water down and away from the gutter itself. We offer downspouts in many sizes depending on the needs of the gutter system.

  • Gutter Hangers

    Gutters are attached to your home/structure by a mounting system known as gutter hangers. Together we will determine the right gutter hanger or mounting system for your gutter system.

  • We also offer many custom Gutter System Elements including:

    • Custom Leader Elbows
    • Gutter Wedges
    • Gutter Corners/Miters
    • Gutter Strip/Bay Miters
    • Conductor Heads
    • End Caps

Have you considered Copper Gutters?

Copper gutters are strong, attractive and classic. Is your New Canaan home a classic Cape or Colonial? Copper gutters are growing in popularity and for good reason. Few home improvement projects are as cost-effective and impactful from the curb, at the time of your home’s assessment during re-sale or most importantly during a rain storm.

Copper is strong, sturdy and functional; when fabricating copper gutter systems on New Canaan CT’s historic homes my team takes every opportunity to understand the needs and tastes of the homeowner. Have you considered pairing copper gutters with accenting copper flashing or traditional copper awnings?

Copper gutter installation projects allow for some creativity!

  • Copper gutters are self-sealing and ensure a leak-proof gutter system. Over time copper creates its own natural protective layer known as patina.
  • Copper gutters all age and looks a bit differently adding a truly unique flare to each home they adorn.

Have you seen a home with color gutter accents? Gutter Company Darian Connecticut

With our new color gutter systems, we can highlight your home’s fascia, siding or stone details. You would be surprised just how great these gutters look! There is virtually no limit to the color options that are available.

Look to my team for continuing solutions in gutter application and innovation, we are dedicated to becoming New Canaan’s premier gutter company.
The team at George’s Seamless Gutters – uses nothing but the highest quality gutter materials and components to enhance the value and longevity of your home. All of our materials and workmanship are the best you can find anywhere!


Gutter Guards -New Canaan Connecticut

Are you looking for gutter guards? We have them in every material! This is one time we feel safe saying we have it all! Gutters are an important part of your home’s working systems. Gutters are only as effective as they are free-flowing. Gutter guards help ensure your gutters are free and clear to function properly.

Your New Canaan CT’s home’s size, roof type and area, your home’s location and age are all important criteria to consider when choosing a gutter guard system.

Gutter guards serve as leaf and debris protection systems for your gutter system. The pros at HGTV say you should definitely use gutter guards, and I agree. The cost savings or ROI is amazing – with gutter guards you will radically reduce your need for gutter cleaning and maintenance. Gutter guards normally require low-to-no upkeep and when your gutter guards do need clean up – we are just one call away.

Gutter guards sit on top of your gutters and prevent the build-up of stagnant water, which can back up and overflow over time into your home through your roof or down into the ground around your home’s foundation and do damage. Stagnant water can also serve as a breeding ground for insects. There are many reasons why gutters must be free-flowing and pitched properly from the time of installation to ensure water flows down and away from your home properly. When my team comes out for an estimate we will measure your home’s roof to determine the right gutter size and style for you.

Larger homes require larger gutters and my company provides copper gutters and copper guard guards for standard and oversized gutter systems.

We offer a wide range of copper gutter and copper metal services to homeowners in New Canaan Connecticut including:

  • European style half round copper rain gutters
  • Radius gutters in copper
  • K style copper rain gutter
  • Copper downspouts + leaders
  • Copper hangers
  • Copper elbows
  • Copper miters and corners
  • Copper conductor heads
  • Copper end caps
  • Copper flashing
  • Copper window awnings and more!
  • Gutter Repair
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Roofing Services 
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At George’s Seamless Gutters honest advice and project estimates are always free!

Gutter Company New Canaan, CT 06840

Have a question? Give us a call at 203 258 4759 or email us anytime!

Our Gutter Installation & Gutter Repair + Cleaning Services Include

Our Customers

  • “I hired George this past spring - after suffering with damage caused by our previous winters ice dams. He came right out after I called him, assessed my gutter damage and helped me select a gutter system right for my home. I recommend him to all my family and friends! Great job! Thanks George!”

    Bailey W.,Fairfield CT
  • “Quite possibly the best service I've ever received from a home improvement company...called them at noon, described the problem (small terrace with pooling water from roof runoff), and by 3pm, they had come out, diagnosed the problem, and installed the gutter. Fantastic service!”

    John D.,Scarsdale, NY
  • “They responded immediately. Did the work the same day I signed the contract, because as a recent widow, they did not want to me to worry. Cleaned up everything. Efficient and professional. Gutters look and work great.”

    Naomi B.,Rye Brook, NY
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